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Sunday, July 13, 2014


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Bon voyage.

You are missed!

I still miss you. I hope the rest of life is going well for you.

Do you still live in San Francisco?

Thanks very much, all. And nope, Cloud, I've moved on from the SF Bay Area as well.

Big thanks for all your previous thoughts John.

I know the feeling of non effectiveness, and the endless head banging repetition that make it all seem useless. But, I dunno, my drive against the odds and the trend just make me fight harder. I'm just stubborn in that way I guess.

Cheers, mate.

We still miss you, John. Do consider posting again, even if only to tell us about what you are doing.

I wonder how come there is no spam in these comments...

Regards, Faheem

Very sad. Twitter appears to be deliberately designed to reduce discourse to an absolutely infantile level. It is a brilliant capitalist invention!

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