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Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Well, at least that's over.

I know what you mean. At the same time, what I like about the presidential election season in the US is that it lays bare just how vapid, misguided and tribal people's politics really are. Better to see a thing for what it is, even if it makes you want to gouge your eyes out.

It's not even over. People at work are talking about it more today than before and I cannot fucking take it any more.

You think it's bad, but at least if one lives in the US one sort of has to expect that. Spare a thought for the rest of us poor sods out here in the wide world beyond your borders who have the entire sack of festering rat dung dumped on us for the entire bleeding campaign when we'd much rather be sitting around over a pint moaning about the rain or the Tories or football or something important. And then, you -- and therefore our chattering classes -- keep wittering on about it after it's over. Can't you all just shut the fuck up about your goddamned election?

That's how it goes when you're the 51st State:

Our star-spangled Union Jack flutters so proud
Over the dancing heads of the merry patriotic crowd
Tip your hat to the Yankee conqueror
Because the corridors of power, they're an ocean away

We're the 51st state of America

I suppose everyone else should be more thankful that the US electorate takes on the burden of voting for President of the World for them.

That's the spirit!

Just keeping calm and carrying on...

Dealing with the fact that so many voted the "lesser evil" and really believed it but weren't particularly happy about it is one thing. But dealing with all the congratulatory crap - "Wow, now we can relax for four years," "Wow, we really dodged a bullet," "It's so great to wake up and know that BO is president, etc." That's even worse.

Would like to have some idea of how many progressive hours were spent working for Obama - imagine those hours going into everything from tar sands protests to immigration support work, to GLBTI support work, just organizing in general. Makes my head hurt.

"Manicheanism is the natural religion of mankind." - Adam Gopnik. Certainly demonstrated every election season.

One is tempted to go further in proposing the corollary: Serial monarchy ('chiefdom' in smaller populations) is the natural political system of mankind.

That's a bit US-centric: not all countries have two-party systems. But universalizing from one's own case -- that is the natural religion of humankind.

I thought fear-based hatred was the natural religion of mankind.

Did Karl get it wrong...isn't the two party regime the opiate of the masses?

There can be more than one opiate.

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