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Wednesday, October 03, 2012


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Didn't watch it, never do, but understand it was horrendous beyond one's infinite ability to imagine horrendousness. Not that I'm pro-Obomber, but it appeared that the issues not mentioned crept around the stage like ghosts. Since what the U.S. does affects the world, this is really the end, wouldn't you say?

And Saturday is the 7th anniversary of our "supreme international crime," the invasion of Afghanistan. Dear gods, have pity on all of us.

And perhaps permanent hibernation, John? Why if it's any of my business. If it's because you got a great paying job, congrats. If you're ill, really sorry, and hope you recover, because your blog is so important. But if you've decided it just takes up too much of your time, that's understandable, too. Be well, guy.

John Caruso, it's nice to have you back.

I'm thinking maybe John simply can't bring himself to deal with it anymore, and for that I would not blame him one bit.

I hope he's coming back, but, if it's over, it was great while it lasted. Cheers, mate.

If I were to write something explaining the reasons it'd be one of the longest things I've ever posted and would still just barely scratch the surface. One part is that while I'm more than willing to fight against long odds, I don't see a point in lost causes. Most of the battles I would have liked to have seen fought are now just that, and people who should be (and should have been) allies are nearly all working for the other side, whether they recognize it or not. As I've come to fully accept that I can look forward to playing not just Cassandra in this melodrama but Sisyphus too, I've started considering if there aren't other ways I'd rather spend my years.

As for my blog being important, well, thanks for that, and I'm glad it's been important to you and some others. And I very much appreciate y'all visiting periodically while I've been quiet, and apologize for the lack of a reward for doing so. There are many good reasons for me to stop writing (again, what I've said here just one among them), but you're the main reason not to.

I assume you're speaking mainly of those who continue to vote Democratic as a way of being progressive. Hard, yes.

I went to bed early last night, not wanting to face the possibility of Chavez having lost, before trying to sleep. What a joy to check in this morning to see that he has another six years to strengthen the south and its resistance to neolliberalism. I hope that's a positive jolt for you, too. Now, Correa is next up in February. I wonder to what degree the Assange issue will be part of the election. When's the next election in Bolivia, must check.

Whatever you decide to do, John, I'll be better educated because of your blog, and also remember laughing here and there. So important.

Actually it's very little to do with voting and much more to do with mindset; voting patterns are just a strong secondary correlation. Despite appearances to the contrary I don't really care much about elections, and the only reason I've spent so much time over the years writing about them—and even more so the empty vessels involved in them—is because of the iron hold they have on millions of otherwise thinking minds.

And yeah, I think people sometimes underestimate the importance of laughing about this stuff.

I should have been more substantive. Voting is only the tip, granted, but I was referring to the support by many progressives of the "Democratic" ideal, whatever it's supposed to be.

Speaking of mindset and iron hold on millions of otherwise thinking minds:

The Plan:


Work in progress:


Maybe you've time now to go read the most substantial and important things on the internet? Not that I care whether you do or don't: the Universe doesn't care whether the human species continues or not, afterall.

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