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Wednesday, August 08, 2012


At least only one of them spews hypocrisy as well as death.

Good one! I wish they all got equal coverage.

But it makes the Two Minutes Hate sooooooooo much easier to actualize...

Neat what you did there.

Thanks. It is sickening, and will only get worse.

And the Repubs now have given the Democratic left all the ammunition they need to work for Obama again.

Yes, funny how that works.

Nomad, yeah, one is screaming with laughter.

try these:




The usual thing is going on in the comments section at Crooked Timber, if you can stomach it. I can't.

Something you might like, John.

John, are you okay? Miss your posts.

Still out here, just in extended (and quite likely permanent) hibernation. But I put up a squib just for you.

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