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Monday, April 23, 2012


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That was great. Not that long ago I mentioned several of those things to a Facebook "friend" - naturally no answer back.

These are bleak times, but it is always nice to come to your site for a bit of sanity. And thanks for your Gaza/West Bank posts. Those were so impressive. You are much braver than I am and for that I am grateful.

Great link John...And yes, thank you for your terrific posts on your personal experience in the occupied territories. I forwarded them on.-Tony

And, ye gods, it's started yet again on Crooked Timber. I could just vomit.

Hey, you've been to Palestine? I went with ISM a few years back. I was in Hebron near Baruch Marzel and his loons. I was lucky, for the settler fruits were well-behaved during my weeks there. No one was even seriously physically assaulted outside of a demonstration!

Yep (see here for the details if you're curious). That's great that you went as well. I was in Hebron for a day and a night but luckily didn't run into any settlers either, which is probably for the best since my commitment to non-violence would have been sorely tested by some Brooklyn asshole taking a swing at me.

My favorite memory from Hebron was the freshly-baked pita right out of the oven from a Palestinian man who'd just opened his store for the first time in days. I still fantasize about it on occasion.

I was directed to it before the 2010 elections. I pointed out serious things that were wrong with a few of the items, but was ignored. The person who sent me there, a physics grad student, wanted to point out that my criticisms "weren't the whole story."

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