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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Thanks for the pointer to his archives. I've seen his articles on CounterPunch - I think he and Dean Baker work together on economic-related subjects.

And a war with Iran – no matter who starts it -- is much too risky for an election year.

Well, I hope so. But I've also been told many a time that war is the health of the state, and that there is no better way to distract the masses from economic injustice. So which is it?

Nice tip. Unfortunately, generations of propaganda have led many an American to believe that Iran's deepest national aspiration is suicide.

Caruso where the heck you been?

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Come back, John. We miss you.

Thanks, Faheem, I really appreciate that. I haven't been writing because the Futility Monster has taken the upper hand in our ongoing battle. There's one long piece I've intended to post for a long time that'll be going up soon (in installments no less). Beyond that, we'll see.

Hi John,

Sorry to hear about the Futility Monster. I hope you regain the upper hand and slay that beast. Hope to have you back here sometime. Best Wishes and Regards.

Iran has unequivocally stated that their goal is to annihilate Israel. And the key difference you're ignoring is that Israel isn't threatening to blow Iran off the map.

Well, I'd certainly say that of Israel and Iran, the one that has an active clandestine nuclear weapons program is a major threat not only to the other but to the world at large, in addition to carrying out gross human rights violations regularly, and should be subjected to the harshest sanctions and isolation measures until it changes its lawless behavior.

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