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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Lovely, Boxer and Feinstein are co-sponsors of the senate bill. My congressman, Garamendi [D,CA-10], is still "undecided".

Calls made. Emails sent. Thanks for the reminder!

At least once in a while, the people can be heard. Wish we could generate that kind of protest about the war machine.

Progressive hero al franken ... he's almost as funny as bill mahr! ... took in the 2nd most money from dodd and co. (1st - progressive stalwart barbara boxer) and he still backs the bill despite progressive backlash about it. But I'm sure that come election time, progressives will "remember" that he was forced to by the dastardly republicans.

Note that the only reason that the bill has a chance to be killed is that silicon valley has thrown their money against it and the republicans look at it as an opportunity to have the democrats own the very unpopular bill and scarf up some si valley cash in the process. People that believe that all the citizens' letters and emails to their "representatives" have any affect on these whores are deluding themselves I'm sorry to say.


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