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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I have a close Iranian friend. I have made his friendship over the last year-and-and-a-half. The guy is an intellectual, a poet, a very sensitive soul. I have never known any Iranian before. I have met several more briefly through him. I was in conversation with him recently about the, let's face it, war-in-all-but-name, that is being ratcheted up at the moment. With Afghanistan and Iraq out of the way, with Syria and Yemen destabilized, with the drawn down of troops in Iraq, with Iran's pressing forward on uranium enrichment, these are very dangerous times for at least some king of attack, perhaps in the way that happened to Syria at it's nuclear site recently, perhaps on the scale of what happened in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I pledged my support to this guy. Neither of us has any illusions about the Islamic regime. But they are by far and away a lesser of three evils, the other two being based at the southwest of the Levant and across the Atlantic. Make no mistake. We were too passive before and allowed our governments to roll into Iraq and look at the devastation that caused. I will not sit idly by a second time. The Iranians are perfectly within their right to acquire nuclear technology whether for energy purposes or for defensive purposes. Looking at the fucking mess going on around them they'd be non-rational not to at least desire some form of substantial protection. It is an insult to a very sophisticated, deep-rooted, rational nation/people to claim otherwise.

In the long run we're all dead. Bush was right, you're either with us or against us. Well, guess fucking what, I'm against you you craven cowardly pieces of shit. I'm against your might is right moronic stance. I'm against everything you stand for. I'm with the down-trodden and the shat upon. Our eyes have been open and we know how you think and how you operate. There must be retribution in the here and now for these acts and wars of agression. And by retribution, just in case any imperial sympathizers are listening, I mean the courts, forensic inspection of your misdeeds, sweet sweet jail time Nuremberg style; the names of every civilian who has been crushed under the steel foot of the war machine will be held aloft, and these criminals who walk around scott free will be made confront the suffering they have caused. There _must_ be justice in our time. These people cannot be let go to their grave, like Kissinger and all the old boys and gals, enriched and smirking at their wonderfulness.

Read Orwell and what happened during the Spanish civil war. I am advocating strong resistance to evil. People attempted to be international human shields for Iraq. But not many. I'm calling on you all now to help me set up a global human shield for Iran so that the cowards will be too scared to attack because they will fear the sting of our response. Like Bush says, you're either with us or you're against.

Hey, I got polled on the phone. One of the questions was "Do you think Iran is a threat to the United States?"
I said, "No, I think the United States is a threat to Iran." The pollster laughed, but I wasn't trying to be funny.

It has always fascinated me how a nation can imagine itself never to be a threat to any other nation. "We're so pure and good. How could anyone possibly perceive us as a threat?"

N.E.F.: What does that entail, specifically?

lol, they asked for it back.

Maybe Iran should ask for all the oil back that was stolen by the CIA-installed shah.

Iran could agree to return the drone if everyone connected to the illegal incursion, i.e. the military and political establishment, were extradited to Iran for prosecution.

Wouldn't it be great if there was someone in the Iranian government with the sense to put out a statement like that? Instead we get Ahmadinejad doing his usual see-spot-run routine:

"There are people here who have been able to control this spy plane," Ahmadinejad told VTV. "Those who have been in control of this spy plane surely will analyze the plane's system. Furthermore, the systems of Iran are so advanced also, like the system of this plane."

When something similar happened in the 1960's involving a downed U-2 plane in the U.S.S.R., the U.S. was deeply embarrassed. How things have changed.

Er, not exactly, Edward. They lied and said it was a peaceful weather-plane which had drifted off course. Then they had to explain Francis Gary Powers' CIA credentials, bundle of gold coins and poison-needle in his case.

I don't get why we're supposed to be so worried about Iran building a nuclear weapon. They don't have a missile to delivered it very far, and even if the did, they would instantly be turned to glass by our nuclear weapons. I think an Iranian nuclear power plant is far more threatening, especially in a region where earthquakes are frequent. How does retaliatory deterrence work against an earthquake?


I think Barak Obama will be more then happy to say ridiculous things to make up for Ahmadinejad's plain diplomacy.

The Creator,

I don't remember much about the incident, but after the Soviets exposed our lie we were embarrassed over the incident-- presumably because we were caught violating international law.


The nuclear issue is just an excuse to pursue regime change in Iran. The U.S. has no interest in resolving this issue; that would be a "nightmare scenario".

Of course, Edward. The war drums are beating louder by the day. Actually, the US is already at war with Iran, just not a full-scale shooting war yet. I was just trying to point out the illogical argument that a nuclear weapon development by Iran is unacceptable, but a nuclear power plant isn't, as if the Fukushima disaster never happened.

I agree; nuclear plants are a menace. However, the more numerous plants in the U.S. are probably more of a danger then Iran's plants. At any rate, Iran has a legal right to develop nuclear power.

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