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Monday, October 24, 2011


I regret letting my '90s childhood pass without internalizing the arts of programing, networks, crypto, and all that haxxor stuff. Whereas so many others of my age did. If I had, maybe I could get into that whole ('hacktivist') scene of which Wikileaks is part and help, sans cash.

In a certain sense*, I AM rolling in dough, metaphorically speaking (both the "rolling" and the "dough"), but as it turns out, quite recently I learned that spouse and self do NOT have enough cash to pay a refundable entrance fee to the CCRC which I feel most suites us (one with a resident-run School of Continuing Education). The non-refundable entrance fee is or will be within our reach, but this has the disadvantage of leaving nothing for one's heirs - in this case, missus charley's nieces and nephews.

*Depending on how one answers one of life's most persistent questions, "compared to what"?

"Compared To What" is a extremely fine bit of jazz by Les McCann and Eddie Harris. Possession is the motivation that is hangin' up the goddamned nation, looks like we always end up in a rut, tryin' to make it real ...

Blowing it on prostitutes buys me transient, sensual pleasure; giving it to Wikileaks would buy me more depressing information. The choice is clear.

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