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Thursday, September 15, 2011


It'll probably work, too. At least for anyone already disinclined to vote for the GOP.

I'm less sure it will work. Sure, it'll work on the "progressive" bloggers, but they have $ and career reasons for it to work. And it'll work on union leaders, who are corrupt. I'm not sure it will work to get rank and file to vote or volunteer. If you look at recent elections - 2010, Scott Brown, NY-9 - the problem the Ds are having is that their voters aren't showing up. It's not so much that they'll all run and vote for Perry, it's that nobody thinks voting matters much (we're learning!). In fact, there was a study a Republican firm did that predicted turnout in 2012 could be very low because so many people across the political spectrum were completely fed up with both parties, especially in the wake of the debt ceiling "debate". Obama may still be pushed across the line by big money (that's what he's counting on), but I'm not sure simply pointing out how awful the other guy is - and I'm still betting on not-Perry, probably Romney - will be sufficient. Although I'm quite sure the career progressives will have the wurlitzer of fear turned up to 11.

And I think a strong third party candidate who was anti-corporate, anti-bank, could do quite well, but there isn't one of those on the horizon.

Not that any of this really matters since regardless of whether we get a D or an R, the next four years are going to suck for most people.

There's always a boogeyman. Even Bob fucking Dole - whose health care bill Obama proudly signed into law last year - was billed as the boogeyman. Each party is forever playing good cop/bad cop with the other against their base.

Whether this will be the year liberals wise up and stay home, as BDB suggests, I've no clue. I keep running into nervous libs who keep mouthing the mantra, "yes, Obama has been disappointing, but [demon beast du jour] would be so much worse...!"

I have a social connection with someone who is a lobbyist on the Dem side for a large corporation (years ago, this person was a Senate staffer for a prominent liberal). How the Presidential election will go depends on how things are THEN, November 2012, not now, it is asserted. My own guess is that it will go badly for Obama.

Karl Rove is now saying that Hillary should challenge Obama in the Democratic Party primaries. One believes and hopes that Hillary is cleverer than that. Possibly Hillary could win when Obama would lose if Obama, before the Democratic convention, takes himself out the running for re-nomination. This is, of course, extremely unlikely.

And how much of a difference would President H. Clinton vs. President Scary Perry make? We can never know, of course. But we can guess that the main thrust of the MICFiC would remain unchanged - a conspiracy to figuratively milk, sheer, and slaughter the sheeple (except that the slaughter is literal, of course).


milk, SHEAR, and slaughter the sheeple

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