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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Actually, I thought the big LOL was the blithe admission that Obama's preferred Holy Lands policy directly conflicts with "democratic movements."

Personally I appreciated the reality-shredding notion of "[Obama's] efforts in support of democratic movements." There's truly a cornucopia of obfuscation and doubletalk here.

Yeah, they got so grammatically pretzeled I don't think they even realized what they were saying.

I get more and more irritated by the current abuse of metaphor by primo journalists - how does threading a needle fit in this context?

Watching the boob tube this morning I saw Ahmadinejad was positively glowing as he entered the U.N. to give his speech. Can it be that the wily Persians are winning this round of the public relations war? I do detect that the luster of Barry's international appeal is starting to wear off.

If I'm reading this correctly Obama didn't actually state in his speech what the U.S. was going to do, but in typical Obama style he simply dropped a few platitudes and only "later told Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that the US would veto any Security Council move to recognise Palestinian statehood."

Of course Obama is too cowardly to go on the record with his official position:

"We would have to oppose any action at the UN Security Council including, if necessary, vetoing," Ben Rhodes, the White House national security council spokesman, told reporters after Obama met Abbas in New York." I think Hillary Clinton was previously tasked with sending the veto threat. I guess the international political community isn't as compliant as the Democrats and will force Obama and the U.S. to put their cards on the table. Good for them--let the world know it is only a U.S. veto that is preventing a Palestinian state.

Obama's actions against Palestinians makes an interesting contrast to his dealings with Wall Street and the Republicans.

I just skimmed the speech. Words fail me, I hate that man so much.

Nice try, but I have it on good authority that "we love Obama — even those who claim to despise him."

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