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Monday, September 26, 2011


Uniformed strength of 34,500!? Good god, some fine young entrepreneur ought to consider manufacturing jackboots. Totalitarian thugs love them some fashion.

Well, according to Wikipaedia, they're spending as much as Finland on an army somewhat less than the size of Belgium's (actually around the size of that of Chad or Rwanda, apparently). Personally, I'd rather have the Finns.

Favorite two parts of that go-go gadget police state 60 Minutes piece:

1. The officer decked out in full bomb-suit regalia, belly crawling his way toward defusing a ham sandwich. If there's a more perfect image of our counter-terrorism in action, I haven't seen it.

2. The admission that NYPD will arbitrarily send 100 flashing cop cars down the streets for no reason whatsoever. I just love that they've dropped all pretense of "protect and serve," the new slogan will soon be "Intimidated yet, fuckers?" And hell, at least while they're busy playing Blue Angels, that's time they're not busting some poor black kid's head over and dimebag of weed.

Isn't "security forces" the traditional term to deploy when the line between police and military becomes awkwardly blurred, at least in other countries? "Security forces pulled me over for speeding today..."

See Richard Estes blog for a video of a cop using pepper spray on the protestors...

I was down there this weekend for sometime...It is impressive..wish I had more time to be there.-Tony


Not NYC, but Dan's comment about the officer in bomb-suit regalia reminded me of this - http://www.correntewire.com/they_blew_it_just_be_safe - which is, IMO, both hilarious and tragically symbolic at the same time. Unfortunately I'm not as funny as Caruso, so my comment on the video is lame, but the video itself is priceless. YMMV.

We have lost our mind.

Sucks that this has to be quoted from the awful NY Daily News, but quietly building a panopticon nets the city state of NY results:


Good interview with Chris Hedges over on znet from Wall St...Was back down at the protest on Tuesday...seems to be growing.-Tony


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