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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Just after I read this, Amy Goodman began reading a short story about the same case. That must be a sign, possibly fromn Eyjafjallajokull. I'll send e-mail to the Museum.

Done. Thanks for the suggestion.

Btw, does anyone know of an alternative to SFGate? I find myself going back there all the time and I just hate it. The Bay Area is in desperate need for a truly independent news source.


Fercrissake! I don't come on this site to be asked to be "doing stuff." Crikey!

Done. What amazing power is held by Zionists, whether Jewish or Christian. Truly frightening and also pathological.

Truly perceptive artwork by these lovely kids.

Thank you John. And thank you MECA!

I'm going to do this, sending my own email. Don't know how this is working for others but it seems impossible to add or change anything in the form letter via my browser. I usually like to personalize these messages so that people get the idea that some effort went into it and it's just not a bang-bang hit the return button campaign.

Darn it John, are you trying to make us USEFUL?!

While on the subject of useful I hope everyone is contacting their congressthieves to try and save the post office. That's the country we live in, saving the darn POST OFFICE is a struggle!

Yeah, the form letter is clearly supposed to be editable, but I too was getting a bug preventing that.

dittoing chris and cloud

And another ditto. You can contact them using one of the E-mail addresses here. That's what I did. Thanks, John. I can continue to read you without feeling like a rotten, mooching heel.

Oh, and, by the way, I just want to thank you for not using Captcha, which has become completely impossible to deal with, and for using the quite civilised pseudo-Captcha mechanism you're using, which does the job without being stunningly stupid.

I sent Mocha an email (to [email protected] which I hope is correct). They will probably eventually reverse their decision but have a team of Israeli hasbara experts to explain to everyone what they are seeing.

God do I love brown babies. I WANT A WHOLE HEARD OF MY OWN!
Is it too late to send? I have been swamped in schoolwork and workwork the past few weeks and just saw this.

I am a typo machine.

They've already made (or maintained) their decision (IDIOTS!), but it's never too late to carp--so carp away.


Will do.

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