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Sunday, May 08, 2011


Click here to hurl.

I think this crossed the line from "Propaganda" into "Nightmare Fuel." Children are supposed to read this?

Eeeewwwww. You owe me a new keyboard, man. Guinness Stout is a real bitch to mop up from in between the keys.

Y'know, though... I've seen some of these before, a couple of years ago, maybe.

I've got a real itch to do a parody series based on these, except I'd have to give the Donkeycratic Party some of my money for a copy of the goddamn' book.

You may be thinking of this posting of Al Schumann's over at SMBIVA. I think that's where I first came across it too. CURSE YOU, AL!

Oh lord. That I share the Earth with people who would read this crap to their kids. Do such people actually exist? Really can you imagine the person who would afflict their kids with this shit?

I see the author went on to craft Why Mommy Voted for Obama. I wonder if he's an operative of some kind or he does this of his own volition?

I honestly find Special liberals scarier than teabaggers. They're just as stupid, just as deluded, just as paranoid with an extra special layer of humanitarian zeal. If I could wish them off the face of the earth, I would.

re:"I've got a real itch to do a parody series based on these..."

I initially thought (hoped?) it WAS a parody. Like the previous poster, I find it hard to believe that such people exist.

Mike: Poe's Law applies here, too. How is it even POSSIBLE to parody this?

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