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Sunday, May 15, 2011


*Gets back on favorite hobby-horse.*

It's surprising if one assumes that Douthat is merely an idiot. But no! He's a dipshit. Since he's maintaining a self-serving delusion, all facts must be filtered through his emasculated, wannabe-action-hero worldview. Since he got the policies he wanted, he discounts the people who are observing the policies. Remember, he thinks the Democratic masses are the inferiors, the rivals, so a conclusion that makes it look like they're evolving towards himself is self-satisfying.

I think the Republicans did have an effect, though. Bush lowered the bar on showmanship. Wars and interventions and criminal thuggery was commonplace before Bush, but it wasn't so ridiculously straightforward. Obama's nature is that of the consummate opportunist: he grabbed at the next-highest branch at every opportunity in Chicago and continues to do so now. It's ambition, but not a very ambitious sort of ambition, if you get my meaning. (This is not an insult to his character, though many would find these characteristics undesireable. It's the fact that he's a murderous shitstain that insults his character.) So Obama picked the low-hanging fruit of casual, no-song-and-dance-required warfare, right up where Bush left it, but he (nor any other Dem, I suspect) would have come up with it alone.

Hey, maybe Douthat is almost right again. There is an evolution of theater here, if not policy.

These discussions remind me of something I was taught in high school American history: that the period from 1870-1910 was marked by strong partisan rancor that dwarfed the actual difference between the parties. Since learning more American history, I've learned that that period isn't much different from any other.

Beyond the fact that the "D" is next to the name is the fact that so many of these Dem suckers drove themselves into an erotic psychodrama over Obama the Saviour. Admitting just a couple of years later what a smacked ass you were is hard; group self-delusion is easy.

I no more expect Dems to wake up than I expect the May 21 Rapture fruitcakes to reject their preachers on May 22.

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