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Sunday, May 01, 2011


I couldn't tolerate that smug bastard taking credit an hour ago for Bin Laden's death, which is presumably a good thing because... yknow... al-Qaeda uses violence against civilians in attempting to win political objectives. The horror, the horror...

One killer of thousands of civilians meets justice.

Another remains at large.

The primary reason that they dumped bin Laden's body in the sea is to give the Arab world an opportunity to believe that u.s. gov't is full of shit ... again. I believe that the u.s. government got him though, but it's not like the Arabs don't have many good reasons not to believe what they say. The body was dumped at sea ... for no one to see ... to diffuse any Arab unrest about bin Laden's killing during a very volatile time and therefore try to prevent a catapult point.

So, if you want to believe it, you believe it ... and if you don't, you don't. There's no proof of it so you can believe anything that you want to. In fact, the u.s. government's psy-ops guys are probably getting ready to lay seeds in the Arab world that bin Laden isn't dead ... that this is a campaign publicity stunt by obama or whatnot.

And unless Al-Queda comes out and says that he is dead ... and they may have some reason not to ... then the most angriest Arabs will be the ones that are also the least likely to believe that bin Laden is dead.


What happened to the line about the "charnel house?"

Anyway, he does have a point. My house is a command and control center for homebrewing. If Prohibition Part Deuce comes about, I fully expect to be cremated without complaint.

Wait a minute: people actually thought that Apple, Inc. was not tracking their movements? Somehow I had the notion that tracking was openly known about and people were just okay with it, à la Kindle. I pretty much always assume any proprietary software/device spys on people to the extent that it is capable.

Ah, yeah, I remember seeing that line as well (from the Google cache: "If you hang around in a charnel house, you could end up being cremated. There is another wrinkle. Reporters who visited the bombed compound said..."). Looks like after being confronted about it by one of his commenters, Cole decided he'd revealed too much about his partisan bloodthirst and excised it.

Cole's response to that comment is one of the most weaselly bits of sophistry I've ever seen, by the way (though it's so laughably slipshod that to describe it that way is an insult to sophists everywhere). It's like he doesn't even care if he's making sense; his overriding goal is just to rationalize Obama's Libya attack, so his response to each piece of information is to force it into that mental box no matter what absurd contortions it requires.

What an ass.

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