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Monday, May 02, 2011


Speaking of Juan Cole: QED (or see the long version here).

Hahaha! Good one! I'll be on the lookout too.

Counting the Bill Clinton hit on OBL, that's 13 years of not being able to find a 6'4" billionaire with kidney problems, a decade of that after he pulls off attacks that shut down the financial, political and military centers of the US with less than 20 dudes and a few boxcutters.

If this is "success" I need a spook job. Seems like you can coast for years and get some positive annual evaluations and the odd promotion.

While dopey Americans whoop it up in the streets, al-Qaeda has damn near won. The country is broke and the empire bogged down in wars of attrition. Our schools and hospitals and bridges crumble while we go waist deep in the Big Sandy (to borrow a Pete Seeger line).

People are celebrating having struck out a clean up hitter looking while down 17-0 in the bottom of the 8th. Americans are now officially too stupid to parse loss and victory. That should make for an Obama reelection all by itself. It's not a chess game, capturing the figurehead king who moves one square at a time doesn't mean we just "won Afghanistan."

There's a line in "One Flew Over..." in which the Chief notes that every time his father picked up the bottle, the bottle drank from him. Well, Afghanistan is drinking America's future by the day. (Nothing less than fitting and appropriate I might add.)

re: Cole: ugh.

Bravo John.
Bravo Quizmasterchris.

John, why do you think they didn't wait until closer to the election? A lot can happen in the next months, no?

I assume they took the opportunity when they had it. But it does look like Obama's reelection campaign really started on May 1st.

(Given the state of labor in the U.S., you have to appreciate the symbolism of dealing with a former employee this way on May Day.)

The thing that I have noticed is that as soon as we executed Osama was, all the "intelligence analysts", flacks and pols started telling us that the world is more dangerous now than it was before.

Drip, well that's good, then, because now they can continue the policies that got us in this mess in the first place. Can't afford to lose out on any possibility of a new demon to flog.

And there will be those willing to fill the role. ("Demon" the admin's word, not mine. When I use the word, it's appended to other persons.)

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