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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


John, I'm sending that brilliant link to my kids - I think it might bring us closer together, in a non-epic kinda way. Enjoy your time off.


The way slang is now more distributed in origin, and the rapidity with which it now propagates, is fascinating. No more slow percolation from SoCal or NY into the heartland.

The same turn of phrase pops up from disparate friends, webcomics, blogs, within a week or two.

Though marketers pick it up much faster as well, the rule for the discerning wordsmith remains that once The Man has it, you either modify it in your own use or drop it entirely, barring of course a number of ironic contexts.

That said, Maddox is terrible. And pretty broad-side-of-the-barn with that one -- People abuse the English language on twitter and facebook? I'm appalled!

People abuse the English language on twitter and facebook?

Unfair--they use this word everywhere, not just online. Why, just last week some kids were using it on my lawn. You can imagine what I told them.

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