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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


It is indeed extraordinary. As are the photos of the resistance welcoming the military tanks. Who ever heard of such a thing - the military not being the bad guys. I didn't know this about Egypt. But then, being an educated American, I'm not supposed to know anything about Egypt except what the U.S. wants me to know. Everyone should watch/listen to Democracy Now, because one of their lead reporters, Sharif abdel Kouddous, is on the ground in Cairo.

Go, Egyptians of all religions and stamps. And get out, Mubarak and Sulieman.

from Mondoweiss:

Paul Amar @Jadaliyya (Why Mubarak is Out) breaks down the varying security forces operating in Egypt unraveling what binds loyalties (or lack thereof) to the Mubarak regime.

He identifies the moving parts within the military and police institutions of the security state and how clashes within and between these coercive institutions relate to shifting class hierarchies and capital formations essential for understanding how these crucial elements will potentially impact Egypt's future both transitionally and long term.


I was starting to have some snarky thoughts along the lines of wondering whether that woman has any regrets about that picture in light of some more recent behavior by the military, but of course I don't really know what's going on. That link is helpful.

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