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Saturday, February 12, 2011


A necessary component of all this is the criminalization of common behavior. Whether it is the publication of leaked classified information, smoking marijuana, exaggerating your income on a mortgagee application, having sex without a condom, or putting your money in a foreign-owned bank account, lots of people do it but until you come to the attention of the wrong people, nobody cares. It is just a means spreading more terror.

If the new Wikileaks-avenging Anonymous more or less overlaps the traditional 4chan Anonymous -- that would be about the most amazing example I could name of the unprecedented unpredictability of the internet. 4chan is the asshole of the internet; this is like swine coughing up pearls.

"4chan is the asshole of the internet; this is like swine coughing up pearls"

Comment of the month at least, if not the year!

It's hilarious to hear the tones that these internet actors are described in by the right. Essentially they want us to fear manga fan geeks who have enough sense to realize that government censoring the internet is a bad thing.

Good point, drip.

I have been giggling nonstop reading this.

Step 1 : Gather all the data

Step 2 : ???

Step 3 : Profit

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