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Thursday, February 17, 2011


I think Obama is more pathetic. It seems to me he wants to please the right and nothing he does will get him an attaboy (but he doesn't understand that). Hmm, I guess it's the same kind of pathetic.

I find it impossible to believe that Obama thinks he will receive the general approbation of the Republicans in Congress or those on TV. He proposes the policies he genuinely believes will maintain the nation's strength and stability. Who can say at the moment that he is wrong about that? If tens of millions in the US suffer through a decade or more of dashed hopes, meager employment opportunities, even shortened life spans, .... well .... such outcomes as those are not as important as the strength and stability of the state ... or, so say the leaders.

That there may exist a path through the next few decades that avoids widespread immiseration is not an alternative that Obama is likely to be forced to notice. Nothing in the nation's history or its present social and political structures suggests that an alternative to austerity (with various exceptions) will ever be considered unless its consideration is forced by popular resistance. Popular resistance requires that millions of individuals perceive that their expected degree of immiseration is such as to overwhelm their long conditioning in the acceptance of whatever the leaders say is necessary.

The people have no bread? Let them eat overseas victories as shown on TV.

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