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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Alright then, my shove at the train of evil has just been dispatched.

As a resident of SF (and an occasional Arboreum-goer), I've been following this for some time. I got the SF Green Party involved in a letter-writing campaign against the proposed fees back when the issue first came up, and was pretty upset when Avalos sold us out last year by supporting a "temporary" fee.

However, I'm still on the fence about whether to support this legislation. "Wreck the Parks" director Ginsburg is essentially blackmailing the supes to give him money or else he'll keep charging fees. If they give him his 80k this year, he'll be back for more next time. This is the same guy who blew over a half million dollars on welfare for the PGA back in 2009. His department is still pumping money into Sharp Park in San Mateo County, which should be closed and turned back into wetlands.

I'd normally be all for spending more tax money on parks. But in this case, the department has plenty of money to cater to the rich, and is testing the supes to see if they'll pay ransom to avoid further privatization.

The amendments (a one-year fee) were the suggestion of liberal lawyer Dennis Antenore and Denis Mosgofian (the people who also are behind the website).

No one knows why they did this, but Antenore was also instrumental in keeping the DeYoung in the park. Corrupt labor leader Vince Courtney also backed the fees, as did SEIU!

I suggest calling the Board directly. David Chiu, Malia Cohen, Scott Weiner and Carmen Chu particularly need to hear from you!

I share your misgivings about the nature of this particular request, JMC, though I saw a quote from Ginsburg dismissing any attempt to get rid of the fee, so I'm not sure it amounts to blackmail on his part.

I do think it'd be best if people direct their messages more at the fee itself rather than at this legislation (and that's what I did).

Ginsburg wins either way, and our public spaces can continue to be playgrounds for Dede Wilsey and her friends, as well as an electoral backdrop for the current terrible crop of Mayoral candidates.

On the fee issue, I'm taking the same approach you suggested: complaining about the fee, but not mentioning this legislation in particular.

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