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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Regional food banks like the Capital Area Food Bank (http://www.capitalareafoodbank.org/) are good. In my experience funds matter more then food (the food bank is in a better position to know what food is needed) and I'm sure every area has one.

Bradley Manning gets $100 (which I don't really have, but whatever).

FAIR I'm less enthusiastic about due to their having shilled for Obama during the campaign-following the lead of their founder Norman Solomon.

Anyway, you could certainly do worse-but I'd be more inclined to give money to grassroots operations like John Caruso's Distant Ocean.

I dont give as much as i did a few years ago because of changes in our income due to the economy, but i still give to FAIR, Znet-monthly supporter, Partners In Health,Doctors without Borders and Resist..

I also make a donation to my local food pantry which is overrun with people looking for food and I volunteer at the pantry when i can. Also made a donation to the Chomsky Fund in honor of Carol Chomsky just recently...Did not know it existed until this week. I will send money to Bradley Manning defense fund also.-Tony


John, I assume you mean donating to FAIR, and I'm with you there--I no longer give them money for reasons like the ones you mention (and I cut my donation to them in half after their backing of Kerry in 2004). But I do hope everyone will sign their letter regardless.

Thanks for the pointer to the Chomsky Fund, Tony--I hadn't heard about it, and it looks like a worthwhile recipient.

I'm sending a check to Courage to Resist on behalf of Bradley Manning.

Just gave to the Chomsky Fund in Carol's memory.

She was just about my favorite of my parents' friends growing up. I sent a long message recalling all sorts of things about her to Noam just before she died. Wouldn't be appropriate to post here, but everyone should know how special and brilliant she was in so many different ways. And huge fun to be around-for kids of all ages and even sullen teenagers!

Thanks for the information on Courage to Resist. I just donated to the Manning Defense Fund.

Keep Electronic Intifada in mind; Ali Abunimah and his staff do an indispensable job in covering events in Gaza and the West Bank.

I've given up on the political.

I give to
because I really like their model,
plus local stuff.

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