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Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Booman? Or aren't you going to start a list?

Not personally, but people are welcome to share their favorites. I'm a big fan of local boy Mark Morford myself--he's the canonical special liberal (and he's got a lot of company in San Francisco, unfortunately).

Robert Parry is looking awfully special this morning http://www.consortiumnews.com/2010/110310.html

At least one of the special liberals on "liberal" radio today are blaming the Green Party voters in IL for causing republican Kirk to be elected senator, instead of the dem candidate.

Just like blaming Nader for Gore losing.

To be truly special they've got to have the smug patronization going at full throttle, though. Something like this* (and believe it or not, the infantile jackass who wrote that was so proud of it that he reposted it specially for yesterday's election--thanks to Vastleft for hepping me to that).
* A "treasure", according to the sometimes-special Digby.

Nader and Mumia! That post is a treasure, all right. His name is Rumplestiltskin.

As for interspecies orgies, I'm very broad-minded, but I draw the line at sex with liberals.

As evidence that my San Francisco slur wasn't unfair, that Morford bowel movement I mentioned above is currently both the "most read" and "most e-mailed" article on the site. Man, I am shocked.

Oh, Lord. I can't recall ever seeing anything by Bogg before. Don't think I'll ever need to again, either. It's all so generic at this point. It's like "Special" Mad Libs or something.

Can we just mate this character with either Eric Alterman or Randi Rhodes (or both) and ship them off to their own (currently uninhabited) galaxy and just let nature take its course?

I did time on Pandagon and Alas A Blog for a while. Both are positive havens of "Specialness." The latter in particular was a sad case for me. I know the owner IRL, and we've pretty much stopped talking politics altogether, because he's basically a nice guy otherwise. But the "Special" does make my fucking eyes bleed.

Reading some of the nonsense, I started calling them Dred Scott Liberals, on account of how sincerely outraged they are that some of their stupid, ungrateful "property" ran away from the Dem Party plantation.

Ms X is right on the mark with Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon.

Dred Scott Liberals is all too apt. I'm impressed that TBogg just called Juan Williams Fox's "house liberal" -- get it?

Whatever one thinks of Williams, and I don't think much of him myself, I'm at least willing to grant that he is able to know his own mind and willingly choose to hold conservative beliefs. But to the smug, special TBoggs who know better, he's just a sycophantic nig-- um, that is, I mean, he's a sellout who's betraying his, uh, "kind" by not holding the political opinions that white liberals have deemed appropriate for him.

But there was also DougJ at Balloon Juice who called Williams a "lawn jockey" before striking though it and changing it to "stooge". I guess it's not racist if it's ironic. Or something.

Ms X is right on the mark with Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon.

awesome guy, have you ever heard her "We have to win hearts and minds" speech? It's a thing of beauty. Works even better than ipecac.

jedmunds was the only regular contributor there with any guts. In fact, one time one of the sistren was giving me shit along the lines of YOU must be a RIGHT-WING SPY because only a RIGHT WING SPY would claim to be PRO-CHOICE and still be SO MEAN TO OUR PWECIOUS DEMOCRATS!!11. (I think I got this spiel at least once or twice on Alas, too.) jedmunds actually told her to knock it off. No wonder he was eventually cast out of the fold, or maybe he quit in disgust. No one ever said.

...But there was also DougJ at Balloon Juice who called Williams a "lawn jockey" before striking though it and changing it to "stooge". I guess it's not racist if it's ironic. Or something.

Silly Gnome. The only racist in America is Ralph Nader. Everyone knows that.

Ms. Xeno, I was once called a "rightard" at Pandagon for offering up the standard left-wing critique of the CIA. They're just protecting us from the Iranians! Valerie Plame said so, and she's a purty lady! Purty lady wouldn't do bad things!

Well, y'know, Gnome. Good "progressives" don't hate spying to undermine the sovereignty of other nations! They just hate STUPID spying to undermine the sovereignty of other nations!

Or something.

I feel like I should remember your name from over there, but I may have given up on the place before you did.

Madman in the Marketplace is another refugee from Amanda's Very Special blog. He posts stuff here from time to time.

I stopped reading regularly after Amanda joined and famously complained that misogyny was the obvious motivation for people criticizing her. After that, I never commented enough to bother officially registering with whatever system they were using at the time. I was just "anonymous" or "guest" or whatever the default setting was. Then Amanda accused me of being someone named Mike and banned me. My name's not Mike, so who knows what that was all about.

Nice. I love it when other women cry wolf (no pun intended) about misogyny. Makes it so much easier for the rest of us to deal with the real thing, both online and IRL.


I wonder if she ever feels like an idiot for her asinine fangirling over John Edwards. If not, she sure as hell should.

C'mon, Mike, you're not fooling anyone.

Oh God, after getting all snitty with some liberals on my Facebook page a few days ago, inspired by a post on the excellent Lady Poverty, I resolved to not let them sap my joy and to aim for something more fulfilling than anger. I resolved to stop ranting at any of them, no matter how bad they were.

But darn the luck, you linked to that Morford piece, and ignoring the loud alarm bells of sanity-preservation ringing in my head, I went and looked at it, even though I had determined long ago that Morford is the most pure distillation of yuppie liberal stupidity and self-regard. I mean, he almost reads like self-parody. There was a point at which I thought maybe 'Letter to a Whiny' was actually a dig at people like him.

But there's more. He has actually recorded this and the audio has been posted online, along with a really irritating photo. Honestly, I don't think there is a liberal I hate at this moment, the way I hate this guy. I mean, even a blowhard like Eric Alterman doesn't leave the impression that he thinks he's hip, cute and iconoclastic.

So here's the link, for anyone who really wants to get their hate on. Trust me, this will do it. Car crash bad. Truly.


, I was once called a "rightard" at Pandagon for offering up the standard left-wing critique of the CIA.

Their little imaginations have been so stunted they can't conceive of any critic to their left. I live in Brooklyn and my boyfriend it's constantly reminding me to make clear that when I disagree with liberals, I am coming from a point to their left. Otherwise, they tend to think I'm a Republican.

I think the funniest manifestation of this I saw recently was a blog post somewhere with a headline that began "Racist teabagger Noam Chomsky. . .

Lord. We're up against some serious shit. How is joy possible? I agree with Lady Poverty, though. Anger gets old and leads to apathy. It also alienates people.

I was wrong about the 'Racist Teabagger Noam Chomsky. . .' quote. I read the full source and clearly it was intended sardonically.

Ok one more post and then I have to go to the gym. I can't stop hating on Morford. I looked at his Wikipedia page and it is truly hilarious.

It begins with these caveats from Wikipedia:

It is written like an advertisement and needs to be rewritten from a neutral point of view.
It may have been edited by a person who has a conflict of interest with the subject matter.
It is an autobiography, or has been extensively edited by the subject, and may not conform to NPOV policy.

and includes this amazing chestnut in the body:

'His style most frequently draws comparisons to Hunter S. Thompson, David Foster Wallace and novelist Tom Robbins.'

He really is SPECIAL. Along with disordered.

What an ass. What a complete ass.

But darn the luck, you linked to that Morford piece...

Yeah, my apologies; inflicting Mark Morford on someone is worse than goatse and rickrolling combined. I only hope you hadn't eaten recently.

I see that Raw Story has a link entitled "Chomsky: 'No evidence' al-Qaeda behind 9/11." I'm dreading the thought of all the good liberals like Berube and the Poor Man going apeshit on that.

I haven't clicked through on it yet, so I have no idea what the context of that is.

Oh, God. Berube. No one's more "Special" than that guy.


And I'd managed to go a couple of years without remembering that he even existed. [shakes fist] Damn you, Gnome!

I thought of Berube, too. One thing I'll say for him though, is he is such an attention whore, and so sure of himself that he frequently makes himself available on left-wing blogs and web sites for ritual sacrifice.

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