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Friday, October 22, 2010


It looks like comments are working. Am I about to be bitterly disappointed?

Comments are working for me and may be working for anyone else who signs in in some way...it may be that only anonymous commenting is broken. Until TypePad responds, it'll remain a tantalizing mystery.

Heh, I just moved from typepad to blooger and am happy enough.

Funny, I had been asking typepad for simple css and other fixes (as I'm a tech-dope) over the three plus years I was there and they either ignored the help requests or sent me to user forums and help pages, saying they didn't do individual fixes. Then they saw that I had started moving to blooger and SHAZAM someone in customer retention must have noticed because they've now offered me all the personal help I need to get the site how I want it. Too late - I'm not going to ask my dozens to move with me again - but you might try some anger and threats to move in your next help ticket to typepad.

OK. here's a test comment.

The problem appears to be that the "Post" and "Preview" buttons stay grayed out even after you start typing if you're posting a comment without signing in through some service (i.e. anonymously). So if the buttons aren't grayed out when you start typing, you're not having the problem.

BDR: Thanks for the advice. I actually came to TypePad from Blogger (which I wasn't happy with, but that was a long time ago). I'd rather not leave TypePad on principle of general laziness and overall non-suckiness, but if they don't fix this problem quickly I may have no choice.

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