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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


They might tolerate a 25% unemployment rate, etc.....
They might attack Iran....
They might expand Bush's apparatus.....

If there is no alternative House or Senate candidate what do you recommend a voter to do? Sit it out?Vote Republican?

Say it. Vote Republican!

Historically, when fascism's on the march and there's just the tiniest threat (to the elitists) that anarchism might break through, communists often demand that "the left" support the liberals.

Just look at Spain.

Actually "expand Bush's apparatus of repression" rather than "retain" is one of the few changes I'd have made to Kenny's list.

Given the number of former Communists who later in life became diehard neoconservatives (e.g., John Reed, former Stalinist enforcer, later Home Secretary and utterly contemptible shit), I'm not sure just how far I'd trust the Communist Party in any event. I begin to think the anarchists have the right answer....

I begin to think the anarchists have the right answer....

Yes...I came to this conclusion roughly 10 years ago...and each day that goes by confirms my conclusion.-Tony

And as proof that reality has finally scored its elusive victory over satire, the perspicacious Kenny was writing in response to an article by the national chairperson of the Communist Party USA, urging all right-thinking communists to get where they belong: behind the Democrats. Yes, really: in this country even the Communist Party is just a Democratic caucus.

Whoa. I had no idea CPUSA were such tools. Certainly the Communists at my university -- and there are a few -- do not feel the same way.

I recently read Homage to Catalonia, and it's true that the Communists were the right-most of the parties on the Republican side. But that was due to their taking orders from Moscow, which was anxious not to upset English and French capital by pursuing a real revolution in Spain. What's the Communist Party's excuse now?

I wonder if I could hold a bake sale to get Tom a few minutes on Jon Stewart's or Rachel Maddow's show. Of course, the drawback is that then I'd have to actually listen, however fleetingly, to either Stewart or Maddow.

Oh, democracy! Why so many painful moral dilemmas before I've even gotten through my first pot of coffee?! Why?

Don't vote. By voting, you signal consent. No one should be assenting anymore.

The Communists helped lead the fight against the Fascists during the Spanish Civil War. The Popular Front, was made up of liberals, Socialists, and Communists. The Republican government's program included land reform, separation of church and state and opposition to the aristocracy. The situation was hardly the same as it is now under Obama. The Spanish Communists called for defending the Republic instead of having an immediate revolution, which the anarchists advocated. The Soviet Union was the only major power to aid the Spanish Republic and the fact that they gave such significant aid and encouraged others to do the same and to abandon the Non-Intervention Policy, which aided the Fascists, shows that the Soviet Union wasn't worried about upsetting the British and French.

Its the Trotskyites not the regular Communists, who become neoconservatives. John Reed was killed in 1920, before Stalin came to power and was an American. The CPUSA policy of the last few years of supporting the Democrats is a break from previous CPUSA policy and many CPUSA members have been criticizing it, including people who commented on the thread that Thomas Kenny posted on. Here is a good blog by a CPUSA member who has written some good articles that are critical of Obama.


Here are some articles written for this years CPUSA Convention, including one by Thomas Kenny. How to treat Obama and the Democrats are among the issues discussed. http://www.cpusa.org/convention-discussion-2010/

Some preconvention articles that are missing for some reason are here. http://mltoday.com//index.php?option=com_search&Itemid=76&searchword=convention&submit=Search&searchphrase=any&ordering=newest

The articles are the ones labeled preconvention. They are pretty interesting.

I think that the Left in the U.S. is becoming more critical of Obama and the Democrats. There are some good articles by Glenn Greenwald and others.


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