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Friday, October 22, 2010


My feeling, as a pretty-much-gay man (and keep that in mind, as it means that I'm speaking for all queer people), is always that queer people should be fighting for everyone's right to be excluded from the fucking military.

...it means that I'm speaking for all queer people...

Good one. And along those lines, I've always wondered if the fact that I like members of the opposite sex means I'm qualified to speak for all heterosexuals.

I tend to look at it as analogous to females at Goldman Sachs or Citi alleging gender discrimination.

"We're psychopathic elites with a purely and viciously predatory view of all who are outside our cadre. But there should be egalitarianism within the cadre."

It's reminiscent of dissenting groups within the Bolsheviks. "We want intraparty democracy, but only that. Death to the non-Bolsheviks."

Gays in the military as a "progressive" cause perhaps isn't quite as extreme as those examples, but it's similar in principle.


You've also gotta' love that so long as GLBT soldiers can't legally marry, the military doesn't have to give squat to their partners when said soldiers die.

So the right to military service without the right to marriage is a better bargain for those who hate queers than it is for those who love them. Yes, get out there and "defend" me and die or get maimed in the bargain, but not one dime of benefits for that deviant you fell in love with, Foul Sodomite!


I have a GIANT BONAR for Dan Choi, but I'm losing it rapidly every time he talks about "defending" his country. The US has not fought a defensive war in my lifetime (60 years), and for Choi to speak of defending his country in connection with the Iraq War is obscene. He should be challenged on that more often -- as his stumbling response to Sycamore shows, he's not used to criticism that moves outside the box he's used to.

But, of course, I do not speak for all queers.

Ethan speaks for me. What he said.

I openly oppose allowing homosexuals in the military.

I also oppose allowing heterosexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals, multisexuals, et cetera in the military.

I also oppose allowing women, men, intersex, tansgender, et cetera in the military.

I also oppose allowing blacks, hispanics, asians, whites, indigenous americans, et cetera, in the military.

I think you should be required to be a billionaire before being allowed to serve in the military. I have no problem with billionaires serving in the military. Everybody else, yeah.

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