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Monday, August 09, 2010


An excellent link, thanks John.

I quite like them naming the boat "The Audacity of Hope", actually. Will the Israeli military really have the guts to storm a boat with that name? And would Obama have the chutzpah to side with them over the civilian boaters, if they do? The name works as insurance, giving some measure of protection to the boat's inhabitants. And even in a worst-case, violent scenario, Obama would be forced to condemn the Israeli action, or else suffer the humiliation of very, very wicked symbolism. Just think how awkward it would be for him, attempting desperately to distance himself from "The Audacity of Hope".

Don't underestimate Obama's rhetorical abilities. He could easily distance himself if it came to that. It just depends on how much he is willing to blacken the characters of the meddlesome activists. Don't think that the US government blushes easily. Look at the reception given the Goldstone report in Congress.

Maybe lawyers out there could say whether author Obama could sue over the misappropriation of his book's title. Just a thought. Also, if the boat is US flagged, which it probably will not be, the US Navy might have to stop it for the 'safety' of the activists aboard.

I suggest naming this ship "The Peace Prize", "The Nobel Laureate", "Our Hope for Obama".

In any case one word of warning from Obama and the safety of the ship all the way into port in Gaza would be assured. He won't say the word. Thus the taunting of the supposed Israeli plants by Hedges is a little misdirected, IMO.

..or we could all just stay in bed and nap?

Thank you for posting this. Hedges is a national treasure, in my book.

Thus the taunting of the supposed Israeli plants by Hedges is a little misdirected, IMO.

Hedges' purpose wasn't to taunt anyone; he was delivering an apostrophe, using the hypothetical plant as a rhetorical device to speak directly to Israel and its defenders (including people like Obama).

I'd agree that Obama won't have the slightest trouble distancing himself from the boat if it actually makes it into the news, though, nor will he hesitate to do it. It'd be good if the name actually were at least some insurance, but it's not--Israel's already shown it will do whatever it wants to do and Obama's already shown he'll help them do it. And Obama lovers would mainly be offended that these anti-Semites tried to embarrass him by lifting his beloved phrase.

delivering an apostrophe
=====> ' <=====
One hopes the delivery was painless.

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