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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I thought to myself, "that's an odd segue from football to solar power generation". Then I finished the post and realised that I had been a victim of cynical bait-and-switch tactics.

On topic: I drove from Barcelona to LogroƱo a couple of summers ago with my uncle and was flabbergasted with the amount of wind farms and solar farms in Spain's interior, some very obviously mid-construction. Coming from another European country which shall remain nameless (*cough* Ireland *cough*) where the idea of a day without wind is mind-wrenching I was ashamed and amazed. All it takes is the political will.

I'm glad someone got it; I was aiming for subtlety, but it looks like I may have shot right on past it to near-total inscrutability.

It must be that damned socialist government they have.

Haha! You really had me going, right up to the excerpt...I was thinking when did you get all US-cheerleading-sportified?!

I do not support the colonialist's powers victory over its former colony, never have, never will.

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