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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Why do they rationalize?

Do they actually believe that the world can be made better by the right sort of boss?

I sneered at your warning and read the whole thing--how I wish I had listened! The quotes are so unbelievably inane. The instant O. picked Biden, "progressives" should have KNOWN what was coming--specifically about Iraq and by inference the rest of the horrors. And what about Clinton, Gates, and Emanuel? I knew the game was up, so why didn't these high-priced whores? Now they're all "just give him time," and "he'd like to keep his promises, but the people around him...," and "circumstances dictate...," and "he has to wait until the moon is in alignment with Howdy Doody..." and so on and on.

I've been looking for a good term to describe this phenomenon.

Thanks for the inspiration!


That Alterman piece could really be Exhibit A in the "How to be the Best Obamapologist for the best Progressive President Ever, Oh and Be Sure to Vote Dem and Send Them More Money" advanced seminar in political punditry. I read it after Digby (a site I am inexorably drawn to as if it were a bloody car wreck) pronounced it a "must-read." I knew it would be bad, but I had no idea.

And thanks for the new handle on understanding this phenomenon.

Rosemary, please don't insult whores. Biden, Obama, and the rest of the courtiers in Versailles do far more evil in an hour's time than a whore could ever do in their whole life.

At least Alterman is expanding his unoriginal prose to more than one word -- NADER.

Now it took him, and his ilk, 17,000 words to explain the new Prog theory: 41% is greater than 59% so we're shit out of luck. It might be me, but it doesn't have the same ring as Hope and Change.

I'd say Donald Johnson nailed it here with "theodicy"; that's why it takes 17000 words to explain that all the conscious evil Obama's done since taking office is actually just proof of the impotence of his good intentions. And believe it or not, Alterman deserves credit for brevity, since it took Liebniz many times that number of words to try to explain away his god's atrocities.




Meanwhile, I worry if it's true that Alterman didn't go through his compulsive ritual of Nader-bashing this time around. Maybe he needs a sabbatical, or maybe he's been replaced by a space pod-person. Tsk.

I thought Obama's agenda was to do all sorts of republicanish stuff and take credit for it as ersatz progressivism. Yeah, I know, hence your bolded print. (I actually like the fact that so many dems are embarrassed to call themselves liberals, because it becomes easier to explain to people that "progressive" means phoney-baloney liberal who wants to enact business-friendly legislation.)

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