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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Why does Obama hate the press and their freedoms?

Why is Obama mirroring GWB in almost everything he does?

Oh, it's amusing, maybe even ironic (especially when you recall, as Catherine does, that we are in Bush's third term), but I don't see it as an infringement of press freedom if Obama doesn't want to answer questions. I.F. Stone could tell you that, if he wasn't dead. It needn't stop journalists from actually doing journalism: reading documents closely, getting out there and talking to people (preferably other than the usual Beltway sources), that sort of thing. Instead of asking dumb questions and waiting for the President to give them their soundbyte of the day.

Duncan, true, but he also could, if he chose (if he thought it important) speak of important things and principles to the journalists. But of course he doesn't and won't, and over time the journalists have learned (those who haven't been killed) not to ask important questions.

Haven't heard anything from Helen Thomas of late. I hope she isn't ill.

Let me save them the trouble: Iran, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, and Cuba.

Instead of taking bold action and simply coming up with a list of enemies like Bush did, Obama is going for the passive-aggressive approach--a list of countries he wants to save by bombing them. Nice touch.

Walter, there's nothing "passive-aggressive" about bombing. It's more "aggressive-aggressive." (And I think the point of this post was that Obama is following in Bush's "bold" footsteps.)

Catherine, I agree. I just don't see the refusal to answer questions as an infringement of press freedom. For that matter, asking soft questions isn't a violation of press freedom, it's just workers doing their job badly. Remember, though, that I. F. Stone used to say that getting kicked out of the Washington press corps was the best thing that ever happened to him. Still, there's no real reason to expect anything else from corporate media. Lots of good work is being done outside their circle.

"Let me save them the trouble: Iran, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, and Cuba."

Far more serious problem - The Washington D.C., New York, Chicago School of Economic Phrenology AXIS OF EVIL

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