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Monday, May 10, 2010



But, a query. Why have people started making the Internet plural?

I believe it's because George Bush somewhere along the line used the plural form, and people have been using it mockingly ever since.

Ah, a mock. I like it.

Yep. But the funny thing is that if you know enough about networks you can say "internets" meaningfully. So if we assume that George Bush is a networking guru, he may actually have been displaying his knowledge, not his ignorance.

(You laugh, but is that really any more ridiculous than believing that Barack Obama is secretly a bleeding heart liberal who weeps bitter tears for all the innocent people he's forced to murder, but he does it anyway in order to protect himself from assassination by the Shadow Government, so he can use his savvy understanding of the tiny openings available to him in his mythic struggle against that near-omnipotent cabal in order to eke out a few meager incremental improvements for us?)

Turning singulars into plurals and vice versa is a normal feature of language change. especially when spoken rather than written. Some, like children, are by now solidly embedded in the language. Some such are evidently acceptable, or dismissible, when the right people use them.

It comforts me knowing that BHO is too smart to be openly brave and GWB was too dumb to be aware of how bad his actions were. Now hand me the remote.

Wait a minute. So BHO is smart enough to be aware of how bad his actions are?

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