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Sunday, April 11, 2010


"Chris Floyd is always right"? Yeah, just like Herr Ratzinger.... Sorry for the Walsh infliction. I saw -- and boggled at -- the arrogance of that passage at the time, but just didn't have the stomach to get into it. Fortunately for all of us, you are made of sterner stuff, wading in bravely to dredge the toxic sludge so we don't have to. Many thanks.

I just discovered the Shirky Principle, so I'm probably just overusing it like a kid with a new toy.


...it does seem to apply here:

"Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution." -- Clay Shirky


Mr. Floyd,

I must concur with John. You and Art Silber have the remarkable capacity to be right on target before anyone else. That's no consolation, I imagine. Everyone takes a piss on Cassandra, if I remember my Hellenic studies...

I don't even know who Joan Walsh is.
Really, I don't.

But Arthur Silber, Chris Floyd, and John Caruso make me want to wear dresses.
Really, they do.

Yes, Fellas, I am in love with your brawny brains.
(thanks Lisa Germano for the pregnant songline "you make me want to wear dresses".)

Liking the Shirky Principle, Jack, thanks!

If Chris Floyd returns to read comments here, I would like to ask him to indicate how I, who was rejected from registering on his site for no reason, can propose myself again? I tried to contact someone id'ed by a helpful soul as his webmaster but never heard back. This was 6 or 8 months ago, when I was a true neophyte of the net. I may have proposed an illegal handle out of inattentiveness. Later when I tried again to register, I was simply told I was on the rejected list.

Chris, if the jackasses that are braying at your most recent post can register why can't a simpatico dude like me? What is the trick?

My apologies to the Distant Ocean for this interruption, but I have never managed to catch Chris commenting on an unprotected (?) site until now.

MoG, thanks for that...and if you don't (or didn't) know who Joan Walsh is, you're truly blessed.

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