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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Okay, the graphic is cool, but I still have no idea what the Verizon ad is, like, advertising.

Help me (Jeff Goldblum voice from "The Fly").

I think it's for a new movie where Bambi's mom returns as a zombie (and she's not alone).

"Does" here is opposed to "doesn't". So their phone does a lot of stuff. A bucket of stuff. A bare-knuckled bucket of stuff. Makes perfect sense, right? Don't you want to go buy one right now?

Don't you want to go buy one right now?

We'd better buy stuff. Unless we want a vengeful Zombie Ron Paul and the enraged, vicious Thug-Bucket Deer Posse after us.

Sure, the Verizon ad makes no sense, but it has a nice Hugo Ball/Jesse Ventura advert collaboration essence to it.

"Bucket of does" in the original rhymes with "bucket of booze" ["booze" as a colloquialism for beverage ethanol]- a phrase which gets about 2,690 Google hits.

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