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Monday, January 25, 2010


A gem indeed, and in so many ways. The term "natural elites" is sufficiently fuzzy, even in high church conservatism, that the shrieking heads can plausibly lay claim to the egalitarian elitism of being the few who are willing to publicly stand up for the simple, humble, pious, hard working man, who only wants to keep a fair share of his own labors. What makes these few brave souls an "elite" is the sad, sorry state of this depraved culture, in which the unnatural post modern leftist emasculationist agenda is so pervasive that it can be found in the typeface chosen for the children's schoolbooks. Effeminate fonts, embedded in paragraphs of parasitism, with a lesson in moral relativism the unwholesome payload - oh, the humanity! Who, we ask, facing this tragedy, would not want to shoulder the burden of raising a lonely voice in the vast wasteland, etc. etc.

In addition to the "anything bad is liberal" argument, I think he's jealous of their market share.

Who are "radio clown" populists? The white working class: abused by the elite class and both parties; socially conservative; economically liberal without knowing it; patriotic; relatively uneducated; thoroughly indoctrinated -- frustrating to behold, impossible to reason with, and more in common with progressives than anyone gives them credit for. What to do? Nobody knows.

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