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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


John, I hate to say it, but those criminals might be off-duty police officers, just passing the time of day. OK, so more likely they're the officers' unemployed kids passing the time of day. Anyhow, pre-emptive arrest does not generally apply to people who emulate the paramilitary macho cop lifestyle or value system - just to bleeding-heart protesters, hippies, affable stoners, etc.

I live in San Francisco, but not in the Haight. The times that I have been in that area (which has been rarely to never these past five years or more), I have seen those people whom you have written about. I've got to tell you: They scare the fecal matter out of me! Especially their not on a leash, nothing-but-muscle and sharp teeth dogs.

Looks, smells, feels, sounds like fascism. Funny, the state doesn't even need to recruit them.

When conditions are right, the seeds sprought all on their own. Then it is just a matter of not uprooting the tender young plants.

They'll be given uniforms by and by.

Street punks in SF? Where the hell is Callahan?!? I understand he cleared up a similar problem over in Carmel a few years back. Sounds like this "savvy [!]" rabble is feeling lucky and someone ought to make their day. Or maybe The Dog Whisperer could get involved. Let’s just hope it doesn’t have to come to that.

redcatbicycliste: Yeah, I've always stayed away from the Haight as well, in part because of the aggressive street vibe (which is nothing new, even if these louts may be increasing the volume) and in part because it's basically wall-to-wall posers. I usually plan trips over there like a military mission: parachute in to Amoeba, browse, then retreat to a fall back neighborhood.

Anyway, I was too lazy to explain it in the posting, but what this brought home for me is that although there's continuity between day-to-day policing and the full-on jackbooted stormtrooper routine we see at protests there's also a genuine qualitative difference. Police brutality and abuses of authority happen all the time, of course, but when those same police are deployed as domestic shock troops for political enforcement they're operating on another level.

Too bad Dr. Manhattan vaporized Rorschach. He'd be the perfect street cleaner.

Dude, spoiler. Next you'll be blurting out that the chick in the Crying Game is really a man. I mean...man, is that a good movie.

Dammit, will you people stop doing that? I had The Crying Game on my rental list!

Ack...I thought I was safe quoting a 1993 Simpsons episode, but maybe I should have gone with the Anna Karenina bit instead. I hope you're joking, since spoiling is against my religion, and if I actually did it I may have to undertake some ritual flogging (which isn't half as fun as it sounds).

Psych! Just joking — this time.

If you're not having fun with your ritual flogging, maybe you're just not having it done right.

here in Texas our crazy governor wants, in addition to refusing stimulating federal aid from that rascally ultra-liberal prez, to cut all state department budgets by five percent. Maybe you San Franciscans should look to recruiting some possibly-soon-to-be-laid-off and presumably disgruntled Texas Rangers for your police force.

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