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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Awful, but anticipated.
Isn't it wonderful to be able to predict the future with such accuracy?

Wake me when the revolution starts.

a girl in the comic book store -- it's like it's raining vaginas!

I thought for a moment of sending a link to this post to a couple of Obamaphile friends, but while they're somewhat disillusioned, they still get a little impatient with the Glenn Greenwald links I send them. This one would probably sting a little too much.

Isn't it wonderful to be able to predict the future with such accuracy?

It might be if it weren't for the Cassandra complex (which was about understanding the present more than predicting the future, but the same principle applies). And you can't even feel much of a sense of achievement, since things like this become pretty obvious once you accept some of the lessons that reality bashes us over the head with on a regular basis.

Like this: Donald, I predict that your Obamaphile friends will overcome their disillusionment and vote for him again. See, I am like unto Nostradamus!

I'll go you one better. They will point to 2000 as the reason for doing so. You damn Naderite, you.

Empty has something there. The "stab in the back" of 2000 still has legs. Democrats have been hankering for a dolchstosslegende of their very own; a proprietary one. They're tired of Republican hand-me-downs. The older Dems do have the tired, battered, smelly old legacy dolchstosslegendes they've been deploying since the Nixon era. But they're creaking. They need freshening up, and the younger Dems want to feel important enough to be betrayed too.

I want to see Nader run against Dodd just for the off-the-Richter-scale rage fests it would induce all around Blogland. Any results beyond that would be strictly gravy, as they used to say.

The "stab in the back" of 2000 still has legs.

To put it mildly. Democrats will still be frightening their children with this hoary morality tale in 2050, in the unfortunate event that there are still Democrats in 2050.

There's a chance they'll (please don't hit me) Whig out completely before 2050. President Obama looks hellbent on shredding the remnants of the welfare state. The Democratic Party dead-enders won't give up, but the party is whittling support down to the same kind of core that keeps voting Republican: marginally functional cranks and self-loathing masochists.

Harold, I'm afraid you may be an optimist. I'm sorry to have to tell you this.

I do like to keep things positive.

By 2050 the binary charade will have been dispensed with for national security reasons and there will simply be The Party.

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