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Sunday, December 20, 2009


1. The White Ribbon
2. Sleep Dealer

I saw the Best of Youth five times--yes, five times!--in the theatre; and that was not enough to satisfy me. I loved that movie. After every ending, the desire to see it again propelled me to the theatre the next day or two. That movie was so good, that the theatre showing it in my city (San Francisco) had to beg the distributor to keep the reels so that they could extend the showings, for it put arses in the seats. (I think, when it was showing in the United States, that there were only three full set of reels available; so when a theatre had it, it had only a short schedule to screen the movie.) I loved the music choices made: two songs sung by Dinah Washington; two pieces by Astor Piazolla; "Who Wants to Live Forever"; "A Chi", and many more. Too bad that there is no soundtrack; although, I managed to put one together for myself (but it remains incomplete).


The scene when [one character] breaks down in the courtyard, in reaction to [another character]'s death, there were only a few dry eyes in the audiences in which I saw the movie--you could hear the sniffles in the crowd.

redcatbicycliste: I made two (bracketed) changes to your spoiler to make it a tad less spoilish—hope that's ok. And I saw it at the Balboa as well (three times in my case). Anyone who can make it to the end of that film without crying doesn't have a beating human heart.

Bjorn: Thanks for the recommendations. I'm not generally a Michael Haneke fan, but I'll definitely check out Sleep Dealer.

Just don't judge Sleep Dealer by its trailer - awful, awful trailer.

Now you tell me.

John Caruso: The change you made to the spoiler I wrote is quite okay. It is your blog, after all. A blog that I like, and learn from, a lot. It is good to know that you are a Best of Youth / La Meglio Gioventu fan, too.

There are only a few films of the past few years that I felt I needed to pay to see twice in a theater.

Another movie (in addition to The Best of Youth) that I felt I needed to pay to see more than once was The Lives of Others / Das Leben der Anderen. Have you seen it, too?

Yes, but only once in the theater (though I own the DVD, which is another small category). It was easily the best film I saw in 2006—in fact I was going to post about it at the time but never got to it.

John Caruso,

I love the enthusiasm. I love needing to see it twice. I do.

But, if I might suggest, there is no need to PAY for it twice in the theater. Us dullards here in Anywhere, USA, have been known to (on the very rare occasion when fine cinema or profound torpor occurs) simply stay seated and wait for the next showing.

My favorites for Gratis Repeatis is Fleur Cinemas (Des Moines) & Lowe's Hitler's Bunker II (NYC; @ 32nd & 3rd).

See you there!

Have you seen La Voie lactée, or any other Buñuel stuff?

Not that one, but I've seen Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, Un Chien Andalou and L'Age d'Or.


I liked them (Discreet Charm in particular, but they're all worth the experience).

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