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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Welcome back John regardless of how you decide to proceed. Your comments and points of view have resonated for me since I found your site a year or so ago. When my 17 yr old son had to pick a blog to write reviews of several postings for a school project, I suggested this site. He was cool with it. His teacher took a look at the site and assigned him The Onion instead - a site that seems to me to stay within a very safe parameter of appearing edgy without offending too much or too many. I suspect she was offended by your taking real positions on real issues. Perhaps it will give you hope to know that my son sees the difference, even if as a high school student he is currently at the mercy of progressive teachers.

Hey John,

I enjoy your site, and I can say that you've written things that I've found informative and that I haven't read elsewhere. On occasion, you've changed my mind.

If you want more feedback, is there any way of adding a function to this site that would allow us to click and say we liked it, even if we don't have any specific comments? I write a blog that gets cross posted to my facebook. Sometimes people won't comment, but they have the option of clicking "like", sort of like a thumbs up. Sometimes people would feel awkward writing "good post." "I agree" or things similar.

So, I hope you decide to keep writing, but I'll understand if you don't. It can be hard, when you don't know what your readers think about it, or even who your readers are.

Master Caruso.

I haven't the faintest what benefit your lucid noodlings and vitriolic excoriations bring the the great unwashed masses but to me they bring morsels of sustenance in samosa-sized bites. I suppose that I should not need my world-view reaffirmed daily but I do. A few years ago I came to the realisation that the only way that I could digest the horror that is modern life, the only way I could live with the culpability of non-action was to swallow the horror with a spoonful of humour. Look to the writings of André Comte-Sponville: he treats humour as a virtue in his delectable and criminally unknown, "A Short Treatise on the Great Virtues", he devotes a whole chapter to the task of explaining his position. Thus it is. Let me heap praise on you John, this may be gallows humour at times, but many are near the gallows as greed begets its multi-hued nasty children.

Play on, John.

(excuse the verbiage, I was in the mood)

Harpfool: Thanks for mentioning; that's both humbling and unbelievably cool. And I'm glad to hear there are parents out there raising their kids to be critical thinkers.

Graeme, I don't know if TypePad can do that, and I've basically studiously ignored the bells and whistles I might be able to add to the site. I like to think the lack of sophistication gives it a certain elegant simplicity. And it's true that people might feel that an offhand comment isn't worthwhile...and it's also human nature to comment more often when we disagree than when we agree. When I'm reading other sites I'll just nod my head at posting after posting, but if one thing goes by that strikes me the wrong way I'm much more likely to pipe up.

John, I find your writing conducive to thoughtfulness in a way that makes the effort involved consistently rewarding. You've clearly put a lot of effort into creating a congenial environment for marginalized views. That can't be easy and it is much appreciated.

John, I've been grateful for your site since I first found it, and I regret if I haven't been vocal enough about it. I rarely have something more informative to say than "I agree," (which combined with a shameful laziness totally unbefitting one of my beliefs keeps me from doing a blag myself) but I'll be glad to say it if it makes you feel your endeavors here are more worthwhile. I can't speak to the wider world, but for me, what you do here has been important.

Thank you.

Great Post!!!! Good [email protected]! "thumbs up" etc. ;-)

Take Care of yourself Mr. Caruso - live to write another day, or at least fume against the injustices. I have seen the world at least one degree differently thanks to your contributions at this site :)

Jolly good show, old boy. Keep up the good work. Pip pip!

Write if you want, and don't if you'd prefer not to! However, as a point of data, I really enjoy this site on many different levels, and often email links to your posts to my friends and family. Much thanks for all of your efforts past, present, and future(?)

Yours has been one of the rare political sites that I visit frequently. Your writing is brilliant & beautiful, your take on the world like water in a giant desert. If you go away, I will miss this blog terribly, but, it's your decision and it would be understandable for you to stop.
I wrote a blog for a while, but- like you- found it an energy drain. To write anything coherent does take serious time and thought. All the worse, if it (at times) feels as if not very many are reading.
Let me say, too, that I was worried at the lack of posts these past few weeks- concerned that something very bad had happened to you, so it's good to know that (mostly) that hasn't been the case.
Whether you decide to continue or not, please know that I've often found info on your site that's either lacking elsewhere, or that you've managed to get the jump on others. One recent example was the Maldives 350 action. Your site's photos of that was the best thing I'd seen all week. It took other blogs days to catch up.
So, best wishes for the future . . . it's been a great ride!

John - Much like Arthur Silber, I miss your writing and point of view when you are gone. Particularly in times such as these just writing every now and then will at least mean the people who DO agree with you will know they are not the only ones. Sometimes that's all we can get. But I'll make sure to give you a thumbs up more often. We're all in this together, afterall...

Glad to see you're alive. I was seriously wondering if there'd been a car accident or something. Not something I was going to voice, but that was my theory.

And this is one of my favorite blogs. I haven't expressed that, so here it is. I also apologize for jumping on you for the Prof Gates thing.


I've never commented. Sorry. I come here all the time to read. It is an essential for me as a teacher and a thinker. I pick up new, refreshing information from time to time, but mainly I like how you clarify, simplify, and contextualize the issue at hand. Your values are the same as mine.

Good luck.

Hello John,

I just want to echo what is above. I really enjoy your site and look at it each and everyday. I often don't comment much because I don't really have anything new or different to say, but I do look at your blog everyday and miss your commentary when you are not around. The same is true for me regarding Chris Floyd's site which is also terrific but I rarely post any comments...I comment more on ATR but even there I have not had the time because of work and no energy to get involved in drawn out debates with anyone. Anyway keep up the good work!

Anyone know what happened to the "Dear Leader" blog? No posts in well over a month.

Hi John,

You have to keep writing because hardly anyone else can get the really good settings on the Tony Snow translation device.
With me, you're pretty much preaching to the converted, so I won't admit you've changed my mind about anything, but damn! we need good laughs now and then, and they're rare when you're living through a pan-human nightmare. Please keep translating! Levity = morale!


I'm but a young bud. So your site, along with Dennis Perrin's (and the requisite Chomsky,) have been enormously influential towards my political development (particularly in spotting the plutocratic, power-serving, Friedmanite, militaristic stripes that range across the political spectrum), in aiding me to etch out my point of view, shatter my illusions about those in power (and seeking it), and decipher all the yucky morass.

When you vanished, I was genuinely concerned for your safety. But also reacted selfishly, because your point of view is extremely meaningful to me. Your insights on the assault on Gaza, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Obama's centrist pose and rightward tilt (among others) have been extremely helpful.

I consider myself a bona fide fan of your writing (not only the insight and information but also the humor and style), and if you wrote a book I would buy it. And read it.

Words fail. Thanks, all; I won't respond to each and every sentence, but you can be sure I've read it all. And I am in fact feeling re-encouraged to write (even if what I'm writing isn't exactly going to be puppies and sunshine).

Justin: we need good laughs now and then...

Completely agreed. I had an exchange with a friend about the point of sites like mine and Tiny Revolution, and although he was in the humor business he didn't seem to recognize that part of the value is just having a laugh about all of this rather than, say, gouging your eyes out.

Ah, you see? I'd been checking in more or less daily and found nothing new, but I forget for a while and it comes back to life.

I think you know, John, that I'm an appreciative reader, even when we disagree. I hope you'll keep it up. But I also know that there are times when the well runs dry and a writer needs to slack off a bit. Good to see you back.

puppies and sunshine? that's the daily kos beat isn't it?

Welcome back! :)

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