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Monday, December 28, 2009


And yet most people on the right continue believing that Obama is anti-Israel!

I wonder how much money he needs to give Israel, how many nations he needs to occupy, how many Muslims he needs to murder before they realize that he's one of their own.

Yes, it boggles the mind. I'd say there are a few things at work there: one is that the totalitarian mind can brook no dissent—which is why for conservatives, the existence of even one mildly liberal voice in the mainstream media translates into the entire media being biased against them (to name one example). And another is just working the refs, which you don't stop doing just because the last ten calls have gone your way.

I can barely imagine what a luxury it must be to be able to complain that a pro like Obama is insufficiently subservient on an issue like this.

I don't remember this from real time, but I've read that even Bush senior was able to speak harshly to the Israelis on occasion (don't recall the reason). Can anyone confirm or deny?

Here, the site for one of the many with actions to take in support of the people in Egypt trying to get into Gaza in support of the Palestinians.

Yes, George "Wouldn't Be Prudent" Bush was also better than Obama when it came to Israel:

Following the war, Mr Bush invested significant political capital in organising the Madrid Peace Conference. As part of the confidence-building efforts leading up to this conference, Mr Bush secured an end to the Arab secondary economic boycott of Israel in exchange for a promised Israeli settlement freeze. When Israel persisted in new construction, Mr Bush retaliated by withholding US$10 billion (Dh36.7bn) in loan guarantees Israel was seeking to resettle Soviet Jews.
Meaningful U.S. opposition to Israel (such as it was) basically ended when Bill Clinton became president.

John, do you think Egypt is acting as it is at direct (though unpublicized) pressure from the U.S., or do they just realize where much of their military money comes from and act accordingly? And doesn't Egypt get almost as much as Israel from American taxpayers?

John, I'm glad you're back.

Waiting to see answer to Catherine's question...hi

Yes, Egypt gets around $2 billion/year, and has long been the second-highest recipient of U.S. foreign aid after Israel (in recent years you'll see Iraq and Afghanistan in the list, though those are more accurately considered U.S. war expenditures and so they don't really qualify for the word "foreign" in foreign aid). So I'd say that's why Egypt willingly carries out U.S./Israeli policy—once the money's counted they just follow instructions, and there's no need for pressure.

In terms of its behavior toward the Palestinians, Egypt's relationship to Israel is a lot like the U.K.'s relationship to the United States, except that Egypt has to be a little more subtle about its collaboration (since it's ostensibly antagonistic towards Israel's colonization project). But it's an open secret. It's a little like Israel's nuclear arsenal: everybody knows that Egypt is bought and paid for, but in mainstream commentary you're supposed to pretend it's an open question.

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