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Friday, October 09, 2009


"No, really: Barack Obama just used his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech to reiterate his threats against Iran."

Well of course, you silly. What else would you use it for?

Tom Lehrer: "Satire became obsolete the day Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize."

No, I don't think Obama is as bad as Kissinger (few are), but he has time, yet.

I simply must stop reading the news....

The best part about Kissinger's Nobel is that it was supposed to be awarded jointly to Le Duc Tho, but he refused it because there still wasn't peace in Vietnam. Our politicians aren't deterred by such trivial details.

What NomadUK said.

Glenn Greenwald has a pretty good summary of how insane this is today too:

Naomi Klein laid it down as well:

I'm impressed; this is the Yes Men's most devious stunt yet! They should get a Nobel Prize for impersonation.

I simply do not know what to say.

Excellent, JMC. And what KDelphi says.

Just came back by to check to see if I had lost my mind--all the so-called Lefties seem to love it--I'm not insane, am I? Am I asleep? REALLy high??Please let me know!

No, you're not insane or asleep. Whether you're high or not is something I can't tell.

But if you're feeling utterly disgusted and demoralised, then you're doing fine.

Whew! good. Now, maybe I'll get high to forget how my grandmother's homeland betrayed the cause of peace...

And another thing (lol--I am angry)

If Norway (god love them) is so crazy about how Obama is "leading the world", perhaps they would like to give up their considerable social safety net and pay for this fricking war on the world so that people here wont have to die in the streets from a lack of health,care, housing and food...there...feel better.

"Peace Is War" then?

Jen Sorenson has the definitive explanation.

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