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Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I like how "the agreement that is now 20 years old" is also "the agreement we cannot meet."

Yes, let's all get together to develop a new agreement that we'll claim we cannot meet either!

Any relationship to Black Jack Pershing?

I'm surprised to hear that if the legislative and executive branches were thirty meters under you'd give them oxygen. I'm pretty sure it says something awful about me as a person that I'd have to think for a while before making that decision.

Yes, I would give them oxygen. It would be wrong not to give them oxygen.

I think I'm in love. Maybe I should move to the Maldives.

Do you really dive? I used to, havent for years.

I think that they should descend to 140 ft and have to come up very quickly and then get on their private jets...agony!....Maldives does look great. no?

Yep, really do, and yep, it sure does. Maybe a good idea to visit before it disappears forever.

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