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Friday, September 18, 2009


Never mind that the holy Journalists have proven themselves totally untrustworthy as well.

Yes, their suckitude has many causes—like the exquisite level of indoctrination Robin Wright exhibited after the Clinton administration's Iraq town hall in 1998 (which I mentioned a few days ago). In this case I'm just pointing that there are some boringly practical reasons for it as well. It's easy to forget that reporters are just people with jobs, and so they naturally do what any people with jobs do when they're expected to produce the same level of output with fewer resources.

Agreed, but I get some hope from the possibility that Americans might to be gaining resistance to the ocean of PR we all swim in. Two recent polls, for example, show majority support for single-payer, and majority opposition to the war in Afghanistan. That's remarkable, when you consider that there has probably never been a single person allowed on TV to argue for single-payer or against the war in Afghanistan. How did that happen? How did millions of Americans get an idea in their heads that wasn't put there by the PR machine?

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