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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


and it's the one thing that makes me the most hopeful for the future

I would change that to 'at all hopeful', and it's a pretty damned tenuous thread from which to be swinging, but I suppose it's better than nothing.

Smoking, believe it or not, actually used to be allowed in hospitals!

My mom was in the hospital when I was very young in the early 1970's...I remember thinking to myself then how could they allow people to smoke...no so much for the health reasons, which I barely understood at the time if at all, but because of the smell...I hated the smell more than anything else. Still do.-Tony

I wouldn't say they're tenuous at all. In fact if it weren't for global warming, I'd be annoyingly optimistic on the basis of just these types of things.

Speaking of hospitals and smoking, my mom had life-threatening pneumonia years ago, and the woman sharing her hospital room actually died while she was there—and that still wasn't enough to convince my mom to quit smoking. It wasn't until years later that she managed it. That's one powerful (and powerfully stinky) drug.

As an es-smoker, I am waiting for society to take responsibility for the health care of all. THEN, when it costs them money , they will ban it. They should. It helped me quit and I appreciate it.

I am waiting for society to take responsibility for the health care of all. THEN, when it costs them money , they will ban it.

You're going to be waiting a long time, mate. The NHS treats everyone here, and the fucking mouth-breathers are still whinging about the new smoking ban in pubs.

Thanks, I needed this. The decline in political influence of the tobacco industry gives me hope that, some day, the insurance industry will no longer have a stranglehold on our Congress.

If there's a pattern here, it seems to be that progressives, lefties, granola-eaters, or whatever you want to call them, are quite good at persuading their fellow citizens (probably all that earnestness and persistence). But obviously, if it's an issue where some powerful interest is making a ton of money from the status quo, persuading your fellow citizens isn't enough. And that's where progressives fall down, I think. They don't seem to have an idea what to do with all those people they've persuaded in order to overcome the powerful interest that's blocking the way.

Last week, I was at a meeting for a small local group that's advocating for single-payer. They had organized a rally for the "Mad as Hell" doctors tour, and were planning an educational event for the next week to follow up. The plan for the educational event was to lay our 10 myths about single-payer, and then have someone explain why each one was a myth. I pointed out that, already, about 60% of Americans support single-payer, and among the people who attend health-care educational events in Madison, Wisconsin, that percentage probably approaches 100%. "Sure, but we need to give people these arguments so they can persuade others," was the response. And when the people we've persuaded have persuaded others, too, what then? It's like there's no step after the persuasion step, except more persuasion. But I'm sure that once we've persuaded 100% of Americans that single-payer is the way to go, we'll get single payer. Maybe.

NomadUK--ues, but even mouth breathers in the uK (or worldwide) dont seem to eat, breathe, sleep and live only for MONEY. But, my Eurailpass didnt go there, so I didnt get to see the uK. Wish I had. At least , that is the way it seemed to be in the rest of Europe. (I know that the uK is not Europe...lol)

I know that people dont like to hear this, but, I dont really give a rat's ass wht the 'Merkin people "want"--they obviously have no idea what is best for themselves (just kidding--sortve).... but, its true our primitivistic society is so domionated by corporatism that, that it is very difficult, without extensive research, to find out what the hell you are doing at any one moment--like now.

I mean, the "poll" that "shows" that "people"

"dont want govt run health care" (I'm NOT doing Glenen Beck 'quotes in the air" right now, btw), is sponsored by somone that has a vested interest (stock) in Big Pharma or (in)Humuna.

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