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Friday, September 25, 2009


But make no mistake: This cannot solely be America's endeavor. Those who used to chastise America for acting alone in the world cannot now stand by and wait for America to solve the world's problems alone.

Yeah, stop standing by and waiting for America to solve the world's problems alone!

Interesting how Obama is always finding evidence of hypocrisy in his critics. Like when he claimed that people who criticized the US for not doing enough to oppose the coup in Honduras were hypocrites because they had previously criticized US interference in support of coups in Latin America.

Obviously, he's a much more clever man than Bush.

Thats what I said....but, I'm glad he said it because I'm certain everyone was waiting with baited breath for us to solve their problems.

I actually think this is the key to Obama, for those who still haven't figured him out. Because he doesn't have to say this stuff—and he also clearly enjoys it. Sometimes you can see the smirk when he's taking one of these shots. This isn't 73-dimensional Parcheesi; it's who he really is.

John, it's not 73-dimensional Parcheesi, which you may understand--it's 74-dimensional Chutes and Ladders, which you clearly do not.

Bow to the Obama.

That smirk of his looks very familiar. His rhetoric is indistinguishable from his predecessor's, after excising the malapropisms, as noted in Distant Ocean a while back. Can we be sure he is not, in fact, President Bush cheating on the constitutional limit of two terms per empty suit?

I'd demand to see his birth certificate, but the company I'd have to keep... I'm sure you understand.

Harold M. wins... my admiration.

Apropos of Harold's point, I sometimes wish Jack Lord would come back from the dead, just for a bit, and have him arrested.

BHO: But, I really am from Hawaii."

Jack Lord: "I know. That's why I have jurisdiction. You're charged with several thousand counts of masquerading as a liberal. And some other stuff."

And you know the last line.

Believe it or not, I still struggle with twinges of conscience over my initial skepticism towards Obama rising to the level of settled repugnance.

Still, I can't warm to his monotonous, staccato delivery with that rising inflection of emphasis ending every declarative sentence.

Maybe it's him, maybe it's me. But it strikes my ear as someone overly determined to sound Firm and Decisive, and project qualities of Firmness and Decisiveness, regardless of whether or not he really is being Firm and Decisive.

More succinctly: he sounds phony to me.

And when Obama baldly utters bottomless hypocrisies and icily swats at supposed splinters in his brothers' eyes that are actually reflections of the cord of two-by-fours sprouting from his own optics, it bends the pin on my bogometer.

He's equally obnoxious when he shakes his War Boner and Talks Tough, as he's been doing to gin up the pretext of Iran being a Threat to Global Security requiring military intervention. He comes off like a tight-lipped middle-school principal grimly announcing that assemblies will be cancelled for all time if the person or persons who let all the air out of the principal's tires doesn't come forward voluntarily.

On any given day, I'm concerned that I may be seriously losing my shit. But I agree with other comments here that Obama is eerily beginning to morph into his predecessor in overall attitude and demeanor. Maybe it's me, but I no longer rule out the possibility of seeing Obama appear in a flight suit.

I'm almost certain he talks in a deeper than natural voice. I've never had a nice thought about George, but there is something about the Obomb that I find even more repulsive. Reading the claim in the recent tell all book by so and so, that late in Bush II's reign he refused to "tell some gay kid out there that he can't get married," I thought, as reprehensible as George is, I can't even imagine Barracky doing that, having a human feeling and acting on it, even in his second term. But maybe he's just "faking right to go left," as the wise Michael Moore has postulated. AHAHHKhahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahah

"War boner"? I like it. And don't worry, I'm sure those twinges of conscience will be gone before long.

About Obama's voice, I mentioned last year how I'd noticed that when Obama was giving his stump speech to smaller assemblies he'd suddenly develop a drawl that he didn't have in debates or bigger speeches or Sunday morning interview shows, which I'm sure was a conscious tactic on his part. The guy's a constant, consummate manipulator. He's as big a liar as [Bill] Clinton in his way, but even smarter about it, which is what makes him so dangerous.

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