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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Prolonged Diapering Liberalism can take a proud "nanny state" stand alongside Cruise Missile Liberalism. It's a psychotic "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" nanny state, but we can't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

"Nanny state"? Good one.

Digressing a little, if you just count the money, the state sector (federal, state and local) is roughly 32% of the national economy. If you count employment too, direct and contracted, it's roughly 55%. I include employment, even though it's a subset of the money, because of the control it gives government over daily life. Given the size of our GDP and overall workforce, that's one hell of a nanny state. What we have is a perverse form of state capitalism in service to lemon socialist elites and imperialism; the ultimate form of nanny state, albeit a murderous, sadistic kleptocratic nanny.

I actually have no objection in principle to a state sector that's even bigger, provided none of the economic activity involves "prolonged diapering" or supports the disgusting infrastructure for it.

What's my position on prolonged diapering?


I always thought that was a questionable product name. You can just imagine a prospective customer asking, do these things really work? And that is not the answer they want to hear.

Since a good chunk of that state-sector spending goes straight back up to corporations in the form of welfare, the "nanny state" characterization of the U.S. isn't merely pathetically laughable, but an anti-democratic lie. As soon as our leaders get a chance to hand out rents to buddies capable of tossing a bribe in their direction, they become redder communists than any found in Russia and gleefully kick taxpayer money up to their friends and masters. When a chance to actually reduce state spending comes along that undermines the giveaways, they rally and fight their own constituents.

Yeah, the state that's still shooting and electrocuting innocents on the street is a "nanny state."

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