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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


He's picking a fight he knows he's gonna win. What a warrior he is!

The right will argue his veto will just increase unemployment, which in a very perverted sense, they're right. America is the bread, circus, and warfare basket of the world.

A vet I know says the F-22 isn't being used in Iraq or Afghanistan. Probably too expensive to risk getting shot down, and it can't do anything that an F-16 or an A-10 can't do.

But you've got to hand it to Obama, when his Generals tell him they don't want something, he salutes smartly and follows orders. So it might be more correct to say this is Obama's Generals' bottom line. In which case, we still don't know what his bottom line is.

As for this:
"I will veto any bill that supports acquisition of F-22s beyond the 187 already funded by Congress."

I wonder what a veto threat might have been able to accomplish in terms of keeping a public option in the health care "reform" bill? I guess we'll never know.

He's not selling out, these are his principles. The people who were tricked into thinking he was antiwar, pro-human, etc. are idiots and ignoramuses, and most of them still believe all of the mythology without hesitation.

This is the proudest I think I've ever been of Obama.

No, really.

You make a good point.

I weep tears of blood over the brazen, totally unwarranted ingratitude expressed in this thread.

Oh, and you all dress funny, too.

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