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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Yes, it is annoying to see the corporate media grab on to a story of relatively little significance (and I agree with you that the Gates' case is that) and beat it into the ground, while other stories of much greater significance are ignored.

But I think we should remember that the corporate media (and most of the blogosphere) is deeply, deeply stupid. How much do we want them dealing with matters of importance? I can't even imagine what a hash they'd make of the health care "debate" if they actually spent more time on it.

Personally, I think they should give themselves over entirely to the coverage of celebrity funerals. And if lots more celebrities have to die to make that possible, that's a price I'm willing to pay.

One thing that is interesting about this is that if Israel does launch an attack on Iran, it'll be crystal clear who allowed it to happen. That'd be clear anyway, but with this story out it'll be undeniable.

Agreed that the Gates story is pretty small and of course it's what the media focuses on.

Meanwhile the NYT is warning us all of scary Muslims taking over Europe link

You know you have to be terrified because the author of the book is a writer for the NYT Sunday Magazine (and the Weekly Standard).

I especially like the part where this piece meant to portray millions of people as a threat warns that some of them might harbor prejudices (anti-semitism).

Right. Also, the sneaky 'ground attacks.'

These unfortunates make a delicious base sauce. A red one.

It's most yummy when the meat is 'smart targeted.' From above the charring is most delish.

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