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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Somebody at the Post isn't doing their job properly. The fact that the embassy doesn't actually exist is supposed to be buried in the next-to-last paragraph, or preferably in a separate story on page A-18. Heads will roll!

The new U.S. Embassy [in Baghdad] also seems as cloaked in secrecy as the ministate in Rome.

See, the Iranians are pulling ahead of us in embassy-cloaking technology!! Their invisible embassy is clearly an act of aggression.

(Presumably this technology, which renders embassies invisible to radar as well as visible light, was developed after the US bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade...)

Their invisible embassy is clearly an act of aggression.

As are the 125,000 invisible Revolutionary Guards currently encamped on the outskirts of Washington.

You all jest, but if Iran can have invisible nukes, why not an invisible embassy?

We must not allow an Invisibility Gap!

Even if they did have a huge embassy in Nica, they didn't annihilate the country first.

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