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Friday, June 12, 2009


DOTIGOTUS? elaborate please. I googled and couldn't find any explanation.

It's right there in the linked article: the "doctrine of the inherent goodness of the United States."

Oh, I must have been looking for capital letters as I scanned.

Anyway, "Patriotism is the first refuge yada yada yada..."

Maybe it was all my traveling in my youth must have helped immunize me from that doctrine. I was in Iran about a month before the Islamic revolution broke-out and even at age 9 understood what a rat fucking bastard the Shah was and that if the "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran" crowd got their way a ton of very nice people I had just met could die. If it was only that shit-bag in the Isfahan bazaar that sold me the broken toy helicopter and then disappeared, I'd be ok with it, but the rest of the folks I met were pretty nice folks.

Just kidding about the guy that sold me the toy helicopter, as he probably has a family, but I was a pretty mad little 9-year-old.

Agreed with respect to the way one should listen to Presidential speeches. Or better, as you say, how they should be read. I haven't been able to stand listening to any President for decades now.

I clicked back through the links and reaquainted myself with Michael Cohen--he's almost a caricature of the un-self-aware clueless liberal imperialist. (Jon had a debate with him at ATR once.) He knows what you're supposed to think if you want to be a Serious Person and he has totally internalized it.

Yeah, and I especially liked how Cohen counterposes his "I believe that America is inherently good" with "you have as much right to hate America as I do to love it"—since these are of course the only two conceivable options.

I haven't been able to stand listening to any President for decades now.

It really is unbearable, isn't it? Still, I understand why people do it. It's only natural to want to believe there's hope.

Yes, it is—and the conscious, cynical manipulation of that need for hope is one of the most odious things about these people.

Here's a chance to see two smug hypocritical bastards for a single price of admission, and see there is virtually no distinction between Democrat and Republican when it comes to smug hypocrisy.

Up here in Canada we’re doing our utmost to emulate America's "worshipful mindlessness" (Arthur Silber). One of Bush Jr’s first post-presidential speeches was to business persons in Calgary Alberta (aka Texas North). Condi Rice is rumoured to be receiving an honorary degree from a university in Alberta. But the prize has to go to the fawning audience right here in Toronto, who I believe paid up to $2,500 to kiss not one but two royal asses:


Mass murderers repackaged as successful entertainment...or did they even need to be repackaged?

"Brothers" indeed...

"...that are meant to sneak their talking points right past the watchful neocortex and into the poor unsuspecting limbic system."

Excellent. Snake-charmers.

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